Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Paid advertising in the form of Pay Per Click is a great way to elbow yourself into a market to secure sales and leads for existing markets, new markets or one off campaigns.

There are many optimisations and techniques that can be used to reduce your price per click and generate a good return on investment.

Our years of experience can give you the edge over your competition and enhance your offering across AdWords, Microsoft Bing and other channels offering a pay per click platform.

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Services we provide across your paid media for search, display, social and content channels

  1. Account set up
  2. Audit of existing account
  3. Budget forecasting
  4. Quality score optimisations
  5. Landing page creation/optimisation
  6. Keyword audit/research
  7. Conversion rate optimisation

What we do?


Monthly ongoing management of your PPC campaigns, ensuring you achieve the best return on your spend


Why are your competitors taking a higher market share? Are they top of the page? Let us delve in and develop a plan for you to take them on


Over time your PPC account can become disordered. An audit can help show where there is wasted spend or missed opportunities.


Are users coming to your website but not buying? An audit of your audience behaviour, usability and landing pages is essential to increase conversions


Appearing where your audience hangs out is essential to capitalising on clicks and conversions. Display advertising helps you visually warm your leads with tempting images as well as text.


Social lead generation with targeted campaigns directly to the key people you need to get in front of. Our strategy will define your audience and the most suitable channels to reach them


Collaborations, promotions and partnerships can be developed to give a good return on investment with the help of affiliates, influencers and other agreements based on impressions, clicks or conversions


Expand your reach and accuracy with retargeting ads, increase your sales funnel and warm leads, make the most of the data and audience you already have

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